Whenever you dream of any better SEO practice and tactics to use for the growth of your business, you have to head towards the right tools for the same.

It is amazing the difference a proper tool can actually make and it might further take extra time to get job done right if you don’t have those proper tools near hand.

The market is here with a wide variety of free SEO tools, which come with various uses and covering common needs, to say the least. These tools are not just fast, but also known to be easy to use and free of cost. Let’s just hope that after going through the article you will find one or many such SEO tools for your personal use.

Free SEO Tools

These tools are not just fast, but also known to be easy to use and free of cost.

Try out the Keywordtool.io:

Depending on a single keyword, there are hundreds of keyword ideas available, if not more. For that, you just have to enter a keyword. After that, the keyword tool will help in offering huge handful of the long tail keyword based opportunities and some of the common questions asked. If you need information, this tool has its pro version as well, which will offer search volume data for the English keywords. You can try that out too.

Moz version of the local listing score:

This tool is here to help you see how the local businesses will look online. Moz ensures to crunch data from over 10 different sources, which will be including Yelp, Google and Facebook. It helps in scoring the brick and mortar store that you have right now on how it might look once online. Results are subject to come completed with some of the actionable fixes for incomplete or inconsistent listings.

PageSpeed Insights from Google

Through this tool from Google, you get the opportunity to check usability and speed of a site based on multiple devices. All you have to do is just enter the URL and this tool will start testing the loading time and performance for mobile and desktop. On the other hand, it will identify all sorts of opportunities for improving the same. The mobile based results are available with user experience score, which will be grading certain areas like font sizes tap targets and more.

Time for Google Analytics:

This tool is free of cost and widely used by bigger and smaller firms to complete the web stats and even the search insights. Apart from tracking every bit of the traffic that you can imagine on website, Analytics might also surface some of the keyword insights to which terms people get to land on pages. You have the opportunity to get this data either under the organic keywords from acquisition or follow any of the other norms too.

Google search based console with Bing webmaster tools:

This selection is noted for constant website analysis and also for covering error reports and alerts. These webmaster based tools will offer you with the taste of what two top notch search engines you can think of. It is always helpful to catch up with the alerts, bugs and indexing based issues over here as well. Make sure to get hold of the pro tip over here as well. Each of these tools will require bit of installation on website. In case, you are dealing with WordPress site, you might add the code of webmaster automatically with the help of plugin like Yoast or Jetpack.

Backlink Checker from Ahref:

For tat comprehensive link analysis, the backlink checker from Ahref is the one to consider. It is a free version coming up with top 100 backlinks to any of the URL or website along with total backlink numbers and referring domains. Here, you will receive links from some of the unique sites. Not only that, but you will further come across URL rating and domain rating as and when applicable. As a pro tip, you should always remember to paste it is competitor’s website to catch up with instant link opportunities.

Link Explorer from Moz:

Here, you will receive one complete overview of the pages, websites and links. This is a free version from Link Explorer, which will be offering you with a quick look of a fuller range of the link analysis. It will be including most of the promising and impactful links coming your session and to your most of the well-linked up pages.

Keyword planner from Google:

You have to know what people are searching for so that you can customize your website in the same manner. Here, you have to enter a group of keywords or a single keyword into tool and then it is time for Google to just return all sorts of helping statistics to guide you through the keyword strategy. Some points that will be considered over here are the competition monthly based search volume and even some of the suggested terms.

Incognito Window based Google.com:

Want to discover the auto fill opportunities? If so, then you better get hands on the Google.com in the incognito section. Searching for the Google.com in this window will help you to come across all-familiar list of the autofill option, most of which are here to help you guide through the keyword research sector. The incognito ensures that the customized form of search data based Google stores are left out when you signed right in. This Incognito source can also prove to be helpful to see the true rank of your website on the result page for a specified time.

Now for the Google Trends:

If you want to check out the relative search topic based popularity, then Google Trends is the one for you. It shows popular search terms with time, which is vital for uncovering seasonal variations in search popularity. You get the chance to compare various terms to see relative popularity.

Proven Results

Make sure to get these points straight and in no time you will see your website grow to a full extent for sure.

About the Author: Sujain Thomas

Sujain is an experienced blogger who has written articles for several renowned blogs and websites about various uses of social media to engineer more business traffic on business websites.

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