Best Practices That You Should Still Be Doing Regardless Of Whatever Google Says

Best Practices That You Should Still Be Doing Regardless Of Whatever Google Says

Maintaining good online presence goes beyond any search ranking. In a nutshell, organic search rankings are the lifeline of the online business world. Google has been famously quiet about what goes into their search ranking algorithms.

And whenever a new update is released, a lot of search enthusiasts make assumptions on how to tweak their SEO strategies and please Google.

From time to time, Google drops a few hints on how to increase a site’s rank. They will list what to prioritize and which ones to disregard.

But whatever Google thinks or does, there are some SEO tasks you should pay attention to. Here are some.

Optimize image alt text

Image alt text is a valuable component in SEO. It helps Google understand what an image is all about. Plus, when you add image alt texts to your site, you’re not going to lose anything. Optimizing your images is an excellent way of playing it safe.

Prioritize authority of the content

In the beginning, the content authority has always been an ambiguous component of SEO. Google wants to provide users with the most authoritative and credible content.

In August 2018’s Medic Core update, it’s become clear that sites should prioritize the expertise, authority, and trustworthiness (E-A-T) of their content. But with the recent update this March 2019, it’s speculated that a lot of details around the concept were redacted. People are now asking themselves whether or not they should still build authority with their content.

The answer to that is plain and simple. You should always work to create authoritative content.

Create longer content

Word count doesn’t mean a page has high-quality. Word count alone will not help rank your content. Short form content has potential in ranking as much as the long form. But this doesn’t mean that you should only be aiming at creating shorter content.

You should focus more on creating content that provides the best information based on specific queries and user intent. You can do this in 500 words or 5,000 words. In the end, it’s up to you as the website’s owner.

According to one case study by Backlinko, long-form content receives 77.2% more links compared to short articles. Because of this, long-form content is the ideal choice for backlink acquisition. Plus, it improves organic search results too. It’s also great in increasing your buzzstream review and buzzstream discovery. Buzzstream pricing nowadays is quite affordable no matter what is at buzzstream live or buzzstream email finder.

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Consider AMP

AMP is becoming more and more as a necessity with all the rising number in mobile searches. Since Google’s mobile-first index roll-out update in 2018, it’s rumored that AMP impacts rankings. So should you try it? Yes!

Last year alone, more than 31 million domains adopted AMP in the past year. With the rise of mobile users, SEO is moving onto the small screen.

And there you have it, always remember those things mentioned above whenever you do site optimization for a better SEO ranking.

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