Explore the SEO Trends that Would Be Dominating in 2019 & Accordingly Tweak Your SEO Strategy for Business Success.

Are you curious about knowing precisely the SEO tactics and strategies that would be working and helping you dominate the search engine rankings and getting much more revenue next year? Let us explore what the SEO professionals are heading for in 2019. We would be discussing some of the hottest trends that would be dominating and shaping the SEO world in 2019.

1) Focus Would Be More on Understanding Your User Intent & Your Target Audience

It is important to know your audience and understand their preferences. Are they looking for images, text, audio or video? It would be important to know all this and understand clearly your user intent in 2019. You must understand what a user is looking for and actually, expecting to find while querying a phrase or word and it is essential on your part to give them the right answer they are looking for, in possibly the simplest and easiest way.

You need to keep constant track of your audience as their preferences, tastes, and interests could be changing faster than you could even think. At this juncture, you must understand one thing clearly that your audience rules and even though you are having a website that is fully-optimized and has perfectly written content if it has not been done for the right audience, your business would not grow and fail to forge ahead.

2) Voice Search Is the Name of the Game

According to www.forbes.com, “While most people were still sleeping on voice technology, trailblazers like Gary Vaynerchuk, owner of VaynerMedia and author of Crushing It! (highly recommend), were already advising business owners to hop on these platforms.”

If you had been wise enough and had taken heed of the experts’ advice, you must be already enjoying the fruits of early adoption. Siri, Cortana, and Alexa are rapidly becoming an ineffaceable element of our everyday life and experience since you are now able to interact actively with them in your car, on your phone, and even at home.

In this context, you must know that tech giants like Facebook and Google are going on devoting their energy, money, and time into the effective development of all their algorithms. As such, SEO trends and even the marketing tricks are changing consistently.

Voice search will be gaining more importance and prominence in 2019 according to the all the signals and the shift has been initiated already. In fact, voice search could be a simpler way of requesting answers in certain scenarios but obviously, it cannot be regarded as an ideal format for fulfilling the user intent in more complicated answers.

According to the top SEO experts, voice search is certainly a game changer especially, for both multilingual and multinational websites. Marketers must realize the fact that translators both human and machine are not capable of making the best use of voice search. They must realize that voice search could be really different from one country to another, from one region to another, from one dialect to another, and from one social class to another.

E-commerce businesses must tweak their SEO marketing strategies accordingly if they desire to stay relevant and even dominate their niche markets. Optimize your questions. In case of voice search, a majority of the searches would be as questions instead of disconnected phrases. For example, instead of looking for winter jackets San Jose, users would mostly ask “where I could find a winter garment store in San Jose?”

This implies that it is mandatory to organize and structure your content in a manner so that it would be answering all questions asked by your potential customers. Your content must necessarily incorporate trigger words while avoiding the practice of mindlessly and forcefully injecting the keywords.

In a true voice search-oriented world, an important thing would be acquiring the featured snippet spot. In the case of Google, we know that the snippet spot is actually, zero ranking and it is placed right at the top above all other search results in case of a query.

3) Create Exceptional Content

Google algorithm updates that took place in 2018 demonstrated that Google is actually intensifying its concentration on the perfect evaluation of the content quality. This implies that you simply cannot create content only for making your clients happy. You must pay more attention to generating content for precisely solving issues.

The content that connects with more people, and successfully motivates them is regarded as the right content. When you are successful in answering a question, making a sale, getting a lead, boost SEO reputation management then you are the winner.

Remember content stratagem related to SEO is about answering queries and driving users to your page. It must use also the language for engaging the user and guiding the user every step of the way to the following action.

4) Boost E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness)

One of the fastest growing SEO trends is putting more and more emphasis on E-A-T or Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness and this is going to be the key trend next year.

This would be encouraging SEO'ers to understand and appreciate that quality would come with context. You simply cannot grab a top ranking that easily simply by generating authoritative content. You could do so only if you are actually regarded an authority on that specific topic or subject.

We hope this gives you some new things to consider to boost your SEO results for 2019!

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