Search engine optimization stands out as being more complicated every single year. It is really important that you are careful and that you always use the best possible practices.

Whenever people do not respect the rules of Search Engine Optimization that the specialists know, problems appear. Unfortunately, in some extreme cases we can be faced with Google search penalties.

Search Engine Optimization Rules You Have To Respect

If that happens, penalty removal is needed and so much money would have to be spent to solve the situation.

1) Quality Content Comes First

While many believe that it is important to use SEO content writing in order to climb in search engine rankings, the truth is that the most important thing is to always aim for high quality. Everything that is done from the images used to the written text is vital. You have to be careful and always be 100% sure that quality is exactly what is offered for the visitor.

2) Keywords Need To Be Carefully Chosen

The professional search engine optimization specialists know that the keywords that are the most searched are not necessarily those that are the best for a site. Based on the needs of the site owner, it is vital that keywords will be properly chosen. This includes a lot of work and you need to put in the hours to be able to choose those keywords that would be the best for the site that SEO work is done for.

3) Meta Tag Rules To Remember

When talking about on-site search engine optimization, the really important thing is to be sure that the text is of a high quality but the meta tags should never be neglected. This includes page title, descriptions, headline use and image ALT tags, among others.

Have patience and make sure that absolutely all the necessary meta tags would be included and completely unique. A failure to do that can easily hurt the rankings. Some site owners have low rankings because of this and they have no idea that this is the case.

4) Link Building SEO Rules

This is, according to most SEO professionals, the most important thing necessary to rank sites higher than others. The principle is really simple but very hard to achieve: you have to get as many backlinks as possible from sites of a high authority, of relatable content and with proper anchor texts.

The problem with link building is that many professionals do not actually know that much about how to identify great opportunities. This is what separates the professionals from the SEO enthusiasts that do not know that much about the domain.


The SEO rules that we highlighted above are among the most important that you have to take into account. Obviously, there are many others.

As a basic rule of thumb, you have to always be sure that quality isĀ imperative when referring to all the optimization work that is done. You have to work with those SEO companies that are among the best in the industry.

Never hurry the choice process due to the fact that the best SEO firms are always those that offer the most complex services. This is not easy to find.

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