When it comes to internet content, we are constantly seeing changes. Something that is popular today will soon become a thing of the past, but high-quality guides are still managing to reach the top positions of SERPs.

This is because certain strategies can only work for so long and after some time they become overused, over spammed and basically, boring.

Something similar is happening with online ultimate guides. Although they’ve reigned supreme at the top of Google’s search engine, they are slowly losing steam and are becoming forgotten.

Nevertheless, high-quality guides are still managing to reach the top positions of SERPs attracting a lot of attention and with it traffic. They are also a good way of diversifying things on your pages.

Main Reason why People Like Guides

As I mentioned, very detailed guides are on a bit of a decline as of late due to overuse. That doesn’t mean they are useless or that they will completely go out of fashion.

Definitive guides are a good way of sharing information on the Internet and there will always be people who will read them.

The main reason why people still like them in comparison to other content is that you can get all the necessary data in one place. There is no need for browsing the Internet as you can easily find your answers on the same blog. That’s why they very often might go viral as well.

They Remind Me Of Academic Essays

Similar to these papers, guides have to have all the relevant information trying not to be commercial. The information within the essay is free avoiding any mention of company’s product or service.

Another similarity to essay writing is that guides are focused purely on end-users and their needs. They are answering popular questions and trying to teach people about different concepts.

How To Create An Online Guide That Convert

Even with everything I’ve said so far, it is still possible to create guides that convert and bring some awesome traffic. In order to create such a paper, it is necessary to be professional and to plan everything ahead.

Here are some tips that will help you do just that:

  1. Start by performing keyword research

Optimization always comes first. That means you have to write a piece that people will actually read, that will bring a lot of traffic and will not be so hard to rank for. Have in mind that guides usually revolve around a general topic. This can help writer structure his content as it allows much more breathing room. Nevertheless, there will always be something that readers are more interested in than the other things.

  1. Optimize the page

When it comes to on-page optimization, there is a lot to take in and no matter how well writers perform they will usually omit something.

Best way to approach the issue is by simply writing on a topic. Some people prefer to make a plan ahead but the fact is that you will likely have to backtrack no matter what. The biggest issue is the so-called semantic phrases which you will have to add. In order to rank for a keyword, you need to add all these synonyms and related phrases.

This is a great beginner’s guide on the topic to get you started. When it comes to quality content, there is no shame in borrowing from authoritative websites and studies. It is imperative for your content to be top notch.

  1. Visual solutions

Written content cannot exist without visual aids. What do I mean by visual aids? Basically, anything that can improve layout, formatting is a plus. You also need to focus on images and videos as a way of attracting viewers. Have in mind that people judge a page in several seconds. If they do not like what they’re seeing, they will simply change the website.

  1. Promote your content

Lastly, for your guide to be successful it is necessary to promote it. Given that you alone cannot reach that many people, you need to contact influencers from your niche. If they like the post they will share it with their public. Eventually, this can accumulate to a massive number of links, shares and likes, all of which Google loves.


Same way you can buy an essay, you can also buy a guide on the Internet. There are companies that are creating them.

This makes sense as people usually see this type of content as particularly complex. Honestly, you don’t need such services.

Even though you might fail with your first guide, you should develop this approach as a website can always benefit from posting an occasional guide.

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