Are you looking for ways to boost your website's conversion rate? If so, you're not alone. A high conversion rate is essential for any business, online or offline.

In this blog post, we'll share four simple changes that you can make to your website to help increase conversions. Keep reading to learn more!

Simple Changes Will Help You Boost Conversions

The top priority of digital marketers is conversion rate optimization since everyone is optimizing their websites to increase conversion rates.

1. Keep Track of Conversion Rates: Monitoring your conversion rates prepares you for improvement. Below mentioned are the steps to monitor and improve your website conversion rate:

  • Make a Google Analytics account and include the tracking code on your website.
  • Select the conversion target you want to track.
  • Configure the conversion objectives in Google Analytics.
  • Perform an a/b experiment on your website to check one different variable at a time.
  • Continue running a/b tests on your website while continuing to make changes to see how each change affects your overall conversion rate.

2. Videos for Landing Page: Landing pages are indeed a crucial component of your first observations and conversions if you have a single landing page or one for each audience. The conventional approach to landing pages, on the other hand, may limit your conversion rates. According to research, landing pages are only successful in driving conversions 10% of the time. Your landing page is where the customer would first come, and giving the best impression with the use of videos can be an elevated method to boost conversions. According to related research, adding video to landing pages can increase conversions by an astounding 85 percent. Videos are one of the most efficient visual techniques of presenting pertinent information.

3. Customize the Conversion Process: Businesses are growingly using interaction data in the conversion process, which is becoming easier as technology advances. Marketers and business owners are progressively seeing dynamic customization for landing pages, and other stages in the sales funnel as a must-have. 66% of online customers presently expect some level of personalization, and the inability to perform may drive them away. You can consider social media interactions, locations, demographics, search history, cart contents, and other such data. Companies can use data to predict their potential questions better and get as much into their heads as possible. Ethically utilizing data not only helps to personalize the user experience adaptively, but it also helps the company identify potential problems and snares.

4. Redress the Checkout Procedure: Several aspects of the checkout or signup process can cause your opportunities to abandon ship. Some of the most frustrating aspects of the checkout process are:

  • Requesting excessive personal details
  • Withholding shipping costs or other hidden fees until the final step
  • There is no option to "Check Out as Guest."

Furthermore, failing to endorse as many modern payment opportunities as possible – including contactless options such as Apple Pay and even "fringe" options such as cryptocurrency – may limit your audience.

Concentrate your efforts on making the potential customer feel secure in their purchase and at ease with the commitment process. Failures on your part in terms of convenience, as well as security, may be deal-breakers. You can hire a Golang web development company that can help you with boosting your conversions.

Prashant Pujara

About the Author: Prashant Pujara

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