You might think that writing the first blog post is simple and is the easiest part of whole process, but actually it is the most crucial part in whole process… at least at the first time.

Steps to Write the First Blog Post

The most important thing which you must consider before writing the blog is that you should write exactly what you want to say. Besides this, you must make sure that you are writing on the unique topic every time and is not repeating the same topic again and again.

Your audience is always hungry for fresh and unique content or information. Therefore, your basic goal must be to provide an authoritative content on the particular topic.

Write your content outside of WordPress: Before you start to write the blog posts, it is better to write it outside the WordPress using notepad or Word. First, write on any of this software’s and the transfer it to WordPress document. In this way, you can save the content before pasting it on the WordPress. You are advised to do this because you must be aware of the fact that anything can happen when you are working online, so it is recommended to write it on notepad or word document so that you have the backup for your work.

Plan about the topic: Before, start writing the post you must think in your mind that what exactly you want to convey to your audience. While thinking you can pen down some of the important points that you want to use in your post. Then, decide about the title which can best suitable for it. Besides this, you must also remember that you are not only writing for audience, but also for search engines, so you must include the keywords in it, but in a natural way and it should not be overstuffed.

Be creative and write something interesting: Both your title and the content must be interesting to the audience as well as search engines. You can make your title interesting for search engines by using the keywords in it. After all, the title is the mirror of whole post, therefore, be creative and give interesting title to your posts.

Make use of Chunks: Another important point which you must keep in mind while writing the blog posts is that people don’t prefer to read whole article instead they scan the article. So, you must include the chunks like bulleted points and sub headings in it if possible. If they find these bulleted points interesting during the scanning of article, then they want to go back and will want to read it again.

Add value for the readers: You can add value in your blog posts by giving them the tips; tutorials on various topics which help them solve their problems. But make sure that you are providing with the correct and high quality information. Because providing only such information will help you build trust and have loyal followers.

Have good grammar: Make sure that your post doesn’t consist of any grammatical errors and spelling mistakes as these types of mistakes can distract audience from reading your post. If your mistake these mistakes, then you may lose your impression among audience.

Paste in WordPress and Tag your post: Once you have written the post in word, paste it on the WordPress editor. And, tag it by keywords related to the post. It will help increase traffic to your blog.

Summary: Following the above steps will help you create an effective blog post.


Alderic Fresco

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