Top 5 Features Of Taxi Booking App Development

by | Mar 20, 2021 | Mobile Marketing

Building a taxi booking application involves a lot of technologies and features that you should include.

Some of the big players like Uber, Ola, and Lyft are making use of several technologies to make their application more successful and workable in different countries.

If you are looking to build a business in the transport industry and ride-hailing services, you need to consider some of the important features. For more details click here to inquire.

How to build applications like uber and Lyft?

Before you decide to include features and functionalities, you should understand the development process. Make a complete analysis of the opportunities and possibilities for taxi booking applications.

5 Essential Features of Taxi Booking Application.

Here are some of the most essential features that you should include in every taxi booking application.

1. Live GPS tracking information

It is one of the most important features that you should include in your cab booking application. Such a tracking feature would guide both customer and the driver to the location. Also, drivers can use it to track the rider while they are about to pick them. The best way to use GPS in your application is to integrate a third-party GPS. it is quite essential to have a top taxi booking application company who would help you to integrate it.

2. Choose all vehicles you would need

User experience is the most important aspect of the application. Hence you need to work on the types of vehicles that you would like to use for riding services. With a wide range of options available, riders would be able to choose the vehicle as per their budget. All the vehicles will accommodate different riders.

3. Confirm and cancel Ride

It is very important to have a feature that allows users to cancel or confirm the ride. If any user changes the plan and would like to cancel a ride, such a feature would help users to do so. Also, it would help drivers to confirm the bookings and cancel rides during some issues.

4. Pick up and drop location

Such a feature is the most important element of the cab booking application. It allows users and drivers to book cab services. Users can add the location for both pickup and drop facilities. It is quite a crucial feature since it allows drivers to reach the specific location where the user wants to avail of the facility.

5. Payment Options

Payment options are one of the main features of any riding application. Various payment methods like PayPal, amazon payments, and much more allow users to pay online.

Some of the other features

Day packages

  • It is one of the most exclusive features that you can consider in your application. You can use this feature to hire a taxi with personal drivers based on the rental facilities. Regardless of booking the taxi application, it will help the users to assist the riders to get the taxi with the driver for a specific duration.

Outstation module

  • It would help users to book taxi services for outstations. It will allow users to avail themselves taxi services between two different cities. Also, customers can book taxis for two different locations.

Prime Membership for the Users

  • It is another best feature that you can consider to include for customers. It would assist the prime customers with a specific set of features that would attract more riders. This feature would allow them to select the membership as per their requirements. Also, it would help them to avail free rides, validity, and much more that would boost your taxi business.

Ridesharing and carpooling

  • Most of the time, the user would be traveling alone. During such booking, one should be able to avail services at a minimal cost. In order to improve the user experience for a single user, you can add the facility for ridesharing or carpooling that would help users to travel at a low cost.


If you want to build the taxi booking application, you must include all the above five features mentioned. Apart from these features, you can include more features that would play a crucial role to make your application successful. Taxi booking app development needs you to add a good number of features.

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