For quite some time now, businesses have been using SMS messaging to reach out to customers. It is now way more common to text your team members, boss, colleagues or even prospects.

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Similarly, SMS marketing has taken a completely new turn these days, as even the non-smartphone users can relate to it. As this idea uses the same old technique of sending SMS, so even those without smartphones can easily go through the message and take the service. Now, while creating a message to be displayed in SMS campaign or marketing, you have to be very careful. You cannot just choose any option you like or way. You are not chatting with your friend but dealing with business messages. So, the prospect needs to be business-centric, as well.

Do not add abbreviation:

This seems to be the first step to follow, when you are sending SMS as marketing strategy. A single message will restrict your limitations to 160 characters. That might be the reason for people to use abbreviation on the first place. But, abbreviated words have some issues with it.

  • Abbreviated words look a lot casual and not suitable for the business environment
  • There are some abbreviations, which might cross cultural boundaries without you even noticing. It can be a serious issue when working with multilingual team.
  • Some colleagues or your customers might not even be aware of these abbreviated forms. There are some sole business-centric abbreviations used, which commoners might find very hard to understand.
  • In some instances, it is rather easy to type the entire word, mostly with mobile keyboard with good autocomplete functionality to it.

Do not use emoticons:

Another rule of business SMS etiquette is not to use emoticons, which are seamlessly casual. Yes, they might help in softening the tone of messages, but emoticons are generally associated with non-professional aura. Emoticons are not at all business like, and adding some in the list will ensure that people don’t take your message seriously. But, if you are trying to attract customers in their teens, then emoticons might work sometimes, but only restricted few. This is one golden rule to be followed in marketing for nonprofits arena.

Be sure of your tone:

The issue with text message is that it becomes rather hard to convey a proper tone. It can prove to be way more difficult when it comes to business texting. When you are writing it, you won’t feel anything, but the message can sound rude to the reader. As this is not a face to face conversation, so people will take it by heart. So, be sure to take some time to craft that perfect message.

  • Do not try to write message in all bold and caps. That will address a bit rude behavior in this regard.
  • Moreover, before hitting the send button, read the message twice, maybe thrice to be 100% sure and then come to a conclusion.

Following these points will help you create a perfect business message, to be used as part of SMS marketing. For some more details, log online and grab some!

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