There is always a buzz in the search industry regarding how social media can influence Search Engine Optimization. In simple terms, social media Search Engine Optimization means how the different social media activities can help to increase the organic traffic of a business website through Search Engines.

In fact, this topic is always in the limelight because for SEO, and social media is hugely crucial in ways untold. And why not, it helps in making the SEO activities both lucrative and productive. Although they appear different, but SEO and social media help each other. 

How SEO and Social Media Help One Another?

Social signals will not help a site to rank better directly. The links shared on social media platforms will help in better brand exposure yet will not be seen as ranking signals by Google. At the superficial level social media may not be a ranking factor, but if you study more in-depth, it does have significance. It will have a positive effect when it comes to the ranking of a page but on an indirect basis. Hence, it throws light that a definite correlation exists amid the total social signals that a site has and its position with the Search Engines results pages.

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SEO is all about having higher visibility and getting more customers to visit your website organically. Social media marketing is everything about making the utmost of social networks as well as being seen on them via the right people. Both may look different and have overlapping goals but work together in essence.

No wonder SEO is getting more social while social networks are turning into an immensely valuable Search Engine. For any social media strategy to be effective, it needs to have a robust SEO plan because both work hand in hand.

Basics of Social Media SEO

Social SEO or social media SEO is a practice where SEO and social media strategies are combined to augment a website's search rankings. Such strategies are developed time and again and executed by various departments, team members, and outside agencies treating the same as an independent marketing tactic. Yet neither of them must be in a silo nor can perform it all while climbing the SERPs. An excellent digital marketing podcast will help in weaving SEO and social media into a wholly integrated marketing ecosystem. In fact, the shared data and combined efforts can improve the ROI and increase conversions significantly which is good business.

Podcasts and its Importance in Business Promotion

An excellent means of staying on top when it comes to the latest theories, trends, and news is through podcasts. Its specialty is you can listen to it while on the go thereby making it just ideal for your daily morning commute. Take a look at the five best podcasts which you can get started with,

  • Social Pros Podcast– This throws light on social media and offers two kinds of episodes- first it shares theories and tips to augment social media marketing, second this provides regular case studies. The podcast highlights the different facets of social media strategies which can act as a great inspiration for you.
  • SEO Podcast- SEO can be a tricky element of digital marketing in case of a small business owner. No wonder SEO Podcast is a popular podcast on iTunes. Every episode provides tricks and tips that will help a site to rank at the top of Google via SEO. Some episodes feature troubleshooting queries related to SEO.
  • Marketing School Podcast- This podcast talks about actionable marketing information every day. The topics cover every facet of digital marketing such as content creation, AdWords, branding and website redesign. Besides it also includes advice on real-world marketing such as ways of promoting a business at a conference.
  • Digital Marketing Podcast- It features episodes on tips and discussions related to digital marketing techniques. These are long episodes which show in-depth discussions.
  • Shopify Masters- This podcast focuses on marketing especially for an e-commerce business. It will act as an excellent gold mine for people having an online shop. The episodes cover everything right from business cards to creating Facebook Ads. Shopify Mastersuse different case studies for sharing valuable lessons.

Your Key to Social SEO Success

Take a look at the five steps that can help you attain the ultimate social SEO success,

  • Share Content- If you share good content on social media, you will get an increasing number of followers. The truth is the higher number of followers your content has, Google will consider it to be more authoritative which means it will place more weight on the shared links. It will work as a highly valuable tool because along with promoting content it will also help in driving your site higher within the Search Engines. But this will rest on a strong foundation of excellent social content that you have to produce regularly for keeping the interest high.
  • Target Keywords– To target the appropriate keywords is crucial on social media as is for a site. As you have minimal room for explaining what you do and who you are ensures you hit the right spot. While linking to a website, keep away from mentioning terms such as learn more. Use keywords and be descriptive to convey to people regarding the products in sentences that are short and crisp. Use keyword tools for finding the finest to use.
  • Product Promotion– Through analytics tool, you will be capable of testing out the way people are behaving on your site through links. Should they fail in staying for long and also does not visit the remaining pages you, need to ask yourself why it is happening?
  • Encourage Reviews- Any form of a positive review will help in improving the view of Google of your website. The different social media platforms are an excellent place for interacting with people and prompting them in providing you with positive feedback if you have done the right job. Just a couple of reviews from Google will work wonders in augmenting the performance of your SEO.
  • Run Competitions- In case you desire backlinks for your site utilizing social media for running competition will be a useful technique. Along with helping to boost up traffic, it will also help you in generating leads by gathering email addresses and will be shared online via other sites. It will help to increase your site's range of backlinks which in turn will prop the same in the Search Engine organization rankings.

The bottom line is, social SEO is one such thing that no business can do without. So, make the most of it.

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