You may not think great organizational skills is directly related to SEO or Social Media Marketing, but in a way it is. With the limited time we have to get some things done, anyone in this business could benefit from improving their organizational skills.

Helpful Techniques to Have Great Organizational SkillsAlmost everyone can feel that there is never enough time in a day. Some will wish to extend the 24 hours we have just to accomplish all their task for the day. It seems like an excuse for not finishing tasks, but some people can achieve it. The solution is good time management.

So, What is Time Management?

In layman’s term, time management refers to the way people organize and plan on how long to spend on specific tasks.

The most successful people manage their time very well. By knowing the time-management techniques, a person can improve their function in an organization more efficiently.

For a person to practice good time management, it is important to focus on activities before the results. Keep in mind that being busy and being effective are two different things. Good time management also lets people work smarter not harder, so they get things done in less time.

Here are some positive points that a good time manager can give:

  • Greater efficiency and productivity in work.
  • People with an appropriate manner management holds better professional reputation than others.
  • They suffer less stress compared to others.
  • They have more opportunities for advancement.
  • They have a greater chance of achieving their career goals.

While listed here are the possible effects of having a poor time management:

  • Mostly they often missed deadlines.
  • Their workflow is Inefficient.
  • They have a poor work quality.
  • Mostly they have a poor professional reputation.
  • They suffer higher levels of stress.

Taking time to learn about different time-management techniques will give an enormous impact on a person’s future career.

Here are some techniques that could come handy in a person’s career:

  1. Proper Scheduling

Starting today, always bring a pen and a scheduler or notebook. Carry it every day, then write down all schedules and jot down all the random thoughts, activities and conversations for a week. It will help a person understand how much they can get done during a day and recognize where their precious moments are going. It will also show the time that they wasted thinking about unproductive thoughts and non-work related actions.

  1. Cleaning Up the Workspace Every Day

The workstation’s cleanliness can significantly affect a person’s performance throughout the day. Having a cluttered workspace covered with unfiled documents, trash from yesterday's break and previous day’s notepads filled with to-do lists are factors that can affect someone’s performance. Part of having great organizational skills also includes keeping an organized workspace to accomplished their tasks.

  1. Start the Day Early

Productive people are the living examples of the phrase “the early bird catches the worm.” To successfully increase someone’s productivity, they must start early. Also, most of them have a similar thing in common. All of them developed superb organizational skills and acquired a habit of going to bed early and rising early as well.

It gives them more time to sit, think, plan, and organize their agendas throughout the day or their entire life as well.

  1. Eliminate Distractions

As much as people want to wipe out distractions, they can’t eventually eliminate all. People still needs time and attention through the day. And as a person, they feel the need to respond to every unexpected crisis that they think needs a decision.

If someone can’t eventually eliminate all the distractions, they can at least block it for a while. Putting their phones on silent mode or closing the unnecessary windows in their computer can help in decreasing distractions.


Time management is a process of organizing and planning on how much time to spend on individual activities. Learning time-management techniques also includes great organizational skills. Learning the time-management techniques can also help invest some time in mastering and stimulating a person’s career, and also save someone’s time in the future.

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