When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, it is very important that you not only know the best way to do it, but also know what SEO trends to look for to stay ahead of the competition.

SEO is tremendously important for every online business these days. SEO expert assists businesses to get found easily by their targeted audience online by updating their business website with unique and informative information that matters.

However, SEO or Digital marketing trends come and go all the time. It looks like the year 2017 will be an interesting year for SEO, with these top 5 SEO trends dominating the arena:

1) Ultimate User Experience (UI)

Speed matters. Many types of research have shown slower loading web pages are related to higher bounce rates, and more than 45% of visitors are likely to abandon your website if it loads longer than 5 seconds. But, AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) pages load 30 times faster and this provides your users a truly enjoyable reading experience.

Also, AMP content is cached in the cloud and delivered with the Google-hosted cached version rather than from your server.

2) Mobile Optimization

Another well-known term of SEO trends is Mobile optimization.  It’s extremely vital to optimize for mobile devices, the AMP project could be the game changer as well.

Google says “When it comes to mobile search; it’s one of their prime projects”. We’ll see whether it is going to change the mobile search.

Businesses are shifting from desktop to mobile. Then again, there will always be sites that don’t depend that much on a smartphones usage. Also, it will take a longer time for people to switch to smartphones when they are mostly using the internet for research services and tools.

3) More Demand For Dense Content.

One of the SEO trends that has been around for some time is creating content. During the last couple of years, creating content has been about writing long blogs and articles. These days, everyone is getting tired of reading identical articles again and again. Therefore, use bite-sized content to keep it easy to share as well as to add some additional interactivity.

Also, it’s a great way to cope with the attention span that’s getting shorter. The length of your content won’t be the major metric anymore, but it’s going to be about your content density.

So, providing as much valuable information and data as possible in a short form will be crucial in 2017. Ask for quality content and quality backlinks service to your hired affordable SEO India company.  Longer articles and blogs are being shared in social sites like Facebook,  engaging more and more readers for repeat visits.

4) Videos Will Continue to Rule 

If a photo is worth a 1,000 words, then videos could well be worth millions. Videos are a great way for keeping individuals engaged and stay on your website longer.

You can boost your site positioning of your page on SERPs by using good videos. Nowadays, a big number of people are not reading content on the web but focusing on videos. That is why it is so important for you to provide your focus audience with such content. Every top SEO company in India focusing on videos instead of text.

5) Local SEO To Become Even More Important

Local SEO will assume a vital part in hunt SEO ranking in 2017. Present-day geolocation maps have rendered this pattern, large on account of cutting edge geolocation advances. Targeting on a blog a crowd of people that are using your product or service in your area has turned into typical practices for website marketing companies and advertisers alike.

Make sure your Google Map information is correct as well as create listings on local directories and review sites with Name, Address, Phone Number and write content optimized for local keywords.

These 5 SEO trends are continuing in 2017 and look like they will be steadily growing for years to come.

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