An email list helps to contact the customers and boost a product’s visibility. Traditionally people think it’s hard or even impossible to build an email list without having a website, but it’s not true.

Build a Reliable Email List

There is no need to spend a bunch of money on website creation if your primary purpose is gathering the emails of the potential customers.

In this article, we will introduce you to the tips and tricks for email list creation without a website.

Buy or Exchange an Email List From Reputable Sources

If you cooperate with an organization that has the same targeted audience as you do, you can make a deal to exchange the lists that you have: in the end, you both will possess a longer list than before. Some companies even sell email lists costing around 1$ to 5$ per mail. If you ever decide to buy such a list, do it from a reliable company to avoid paying money for wrong or unavailable mails.

Collect Emails by Offering a Free E-Book

Having active social media accounts and followers will ease your job to build an email list. Create a post offering a free E-book or learning material that will interest your followers, and they will willingly provide their email addresses in the comments. If the material is created by your company and offers much value, it will bring more customers than you could even expect.

Create Surveys for Your Customers

Decide an interesting topic for a survey that your customer will be motivated to fill in. Ask questions and create the impression that the customers’ opinion has the highest importance for you. Don’t forget your initial goal for that questionnaire: you have to include an email box which will be mandatory to fill in for sending the answers.

“Coming Soon” Landing Page

If your website requires much time to be ready, and you are impatient to send the potential customers your offers, create a “coming soon” landing page for your website. The customers can fill in their contacts to be informed as soon as the website is completely available. This method generates a reliable list of emails because their owners are genuinely interested in the product and nothing else but their curiosity made them provide their email address.

Create The Sense of Urgency

Many people have fear of missing out on something (FOMO), this phenomenon became widespread during recent years, when the offers' numbers increased, but your free time decreased to try them all out. What happens in this case? The brand owners use captivating lead magnets, and people unconsciously start providing their contact details here and there. This situation becomes more vivid when the product owner creates some urgency for a limited period. Customers provide their emails or even phone numbers to take part in it at any cost.

Host Webinar or Live Events

Create a compelling post that offers taking part in a really impressive live event or a webinar for a limited number of people. What people need to do is just provide their emails. You can even host people, who are famous among your customers, and the customers would like to have an online meeting with them. Such offers tickle people’s interest, and they are impatient to provide their emails and be earlier than the others.

Collect E-Mail Addresses With Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads serve for boosting sales and increasing visibility. However, one can ascribe another usage of it. If you need to gather an email list of the customers, hit two birds with one stone. Besides promoting or selling your product, ask for the emails of the customers. Here how it works:

  • Create a piece of valuable content that is worthy to be advertised. It can be a picture or a piece of information about your current offers.
  • Target the demographic and audience you want.
  • Use the Ad to send people to a landing page, where they need to write down their emails.
  • Send new subscribers the required information or content via email.

This method incorporates several positive sides for your business – you spend money once and get benefits from different sectors.


Businesses always rely on email marketing. It has been and continues to be the most reliable method for conversions, boosting sales, increasing brand awareness, and customer loyalty. As soon as you gather your list, don’t forget to send eye-catching and high-quality emails to the receivers. Think over your offers and the ways how to stand out from the common crowd.

About the Author: Nara Nazarya

Nara Nazaryan is a digital marketing specialist with more than 5 years of experience in the field and more than 10 years of experience in the banking and financial spheres. She is an obsessed reader and content writer. Her hobbies include coding, astronomy, physics, and following the latest scientific discoveries. As it is obvious from this short bio, she doesn’t like bragging at all and is a very modest and pleasant person.

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