The short answer to the question above is YES but we cannot simply leave things like that. Whenever you want to transfer larger documents or files, it has to happen securely and efficiently.

Is Web Based File Sharing SecureGuest Post by John Bridge: You cannot attach them to email because of associated costs, eventual restrictions and lower efficiency. FTP is definitely outdated and not as secure as online file storage services like those you can find on Online. 

Understanding Security Technologies Used

The vast majority of the web based file share solutions are a lot more secure due to the extra security features that are utilized. All service providers will include at least SSL certification. The higher the encryption system, the higher the overall security that is offered! If you have proper certification, you can be sure that hackers will not be able to gain access to your files. 

If encryption does not exist, the hacker can intercept communication and files that may include sensitive information. Nowadays such a security breach can easily lead to various negatives for the business, especially when hackers end up sharing sensitive information with clients or with other people. Security associated with web based file sharing is always higher than with all other options available on the market at the moment.

Advanced Auditing

This is another security related advantage that is offered and not properly understood by people. You have all the files running on a cloud computing system. This includes various software programs that would record all the transfers made while also giving access to the facilitation of the transfer process. You will particularly like the recording option since you would know everything that happens with the data, who accesses it and when.

If your company sees many different transferred documents daily, this clear record counts a lot. You can track down absolutely all that happens and unauthorized staff will instantly be discouraged to download something that is extremely sensitive. You can also use advanced auditing tools in order to see if an unauthorized access actually happened.

Processing Transactions

The online based file sharing service will include better processing transaction technology when compared with the alternatives. Whenever a transfer happens, systems record just what is completed. This means that you cannot end up with a transferred record when the documents were not completely transferred. This is especially important for a business that relies on eCommerce, together with a vast array of other applications.


To sum up, it is a very good idea to go for the online web based file sharing services in the event that the need is one that is associated with a business. The alternatives are simply not as secure and you should always stay focused on data security. This is what can lead to most problems nowadays since information theft is something that tends to happen a lot more often than what we might want to think right now. Take all the time that you need to locate the best service provider so that you can end up with the best services.

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