Social networks contribute greatly to the current internet marketing landscape. Recent website and blog troubles resulting from Google Panda and Penguin changes have led many internet entrepreneurs to look towards the more stable world of social media.

The Top Three Highest Converting Social NetworksGuest Post by Ricky Dawn: On a social media platform, it is much easier to reach a large target audience by simply building up a network of followers and then marketing towards them effectively. Search engine woes have less of an impact on the internal workings of a social network.

Reaching a large audience is one thing. Being able to convert them into paying customers is another. Not every social media platform is equal, which means certain social networks are better than others.

For the internet marketer looking for sales, finding the best social media sites capable of converting traffic to customers is a must. The following are the three best ones to set up a profile with when your goal is conversions.

#3 – Facebook

In a sense, Facebook deserves the honour of being one of the best converting websites by default. Simply put, it is the most popular of all the social networks having long since deposed of MySpace, Bebo and the other large social networks quite a number of years ago.

The sheer volume of people on Facebook makes it possible to convert a larger number visitors. However, volume alone is never going to be enough. The audience for a social media campaign does have to be activity engaged in order for it to respond to any attempts to target them.

Creating an effective page, updating it regularly, avoiding spam oriented tactics, and providing valuable content that helps with branding are all steps required to be successful with a Facebook marketing plan. 

#2 – Twitter

Twitter can be viewed as the social media site that succeeded beyond all expectation. The notion that microblogging would be able to draw an audience was not exactly something viewed as having a high success potential.

The truth is, in a fast moving information age, tweeting is the perfect to disseminate information. Yes, it can also be the perfect platform in which to promote a marketing campaign. Messages on Twitter are targeted and straight to the point. The dynamic this creates allows for a very successful social media campaign if done properly.

Among the most important things to be aware of when using Twitter is the platform moves rapidly. Those who want to effectively use Twitter to convert followers must keep up with the pace while also providing relevant and interesting tweets.

#1 – Pinterest

It what might be considered a shock even to those who have been involved with social media marketing for some time, the number one network for conversions is Pinterest. Based on recorded stats, Pinterest offers a 50% higher conversion rate than other platforms easily making it number one.

Pinterest might be number three in size behind Facebook and Twitter, but the network is clearly number one in conversions. Creating personal Pins and the use of Rich Pins can aid in ensuring conversion stats remain high.

Of course, the keys to effective conversion is the right mix of consistent effort and innovation. This will be true regardless of the platform you may be working on.

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