Guest Post by Jill Montoya: Print Design is an essential aspect of any effective marketing strategy; it doesn't matter whether you want to carry it out on conventional print media (wall banners, magazines, newspapers, flyers etc) or on social media websites.

Placing Print Design Ads on Social WebsitesThe secret of a good print design is to develop your flyer in such a way that it helps to capture people’s focus immediately, forcing them to stop and give your banner a good long look.

Most of the time you see a large number of advertising banners on public notice boards or perhaps in subway stations or some other public areas, individuals ignore these advertising banners without giving them another look.

This article discusses some suggestions and techniques through which you can improve your print design model.

Making the Most of Social Media:

An essential tool for your print marketing strategy is to tactically place soft-copies of your posters and flyers on Social Media websites such as Tumbler, MySpace, and Facebook.

Just Facebook alone caters almost 1.15 billion visitors, so the importance of social media cannot be underestimated. It concerns the way you use these tools to your highest benefit.

It can also prove to be the most cost effective, as it costs literally nothing to upload a few flyers and banners on your Facebook page, alternatively you could place your page in the “Sponsored” section by paying a small fee. A properly executed Facebook page with regular updates and follow ups can ensure your page gets popular in a short period of time.

Good Print Designs for Effective Social Media Placement:

Uploading videos and pictures about your product is one thing, but the most important thing to consider is the Print Media aspect, since the pictures and banners you upload online must be sufficiently interesting and striking enough to captivate visitors.

You can see many posters or print ads regarding something that you immediately forget afterwards. The key here is to keep certain design elements and ergonomically efficient arrangement of content on your posters and flyers such that people are forced to read it through to the end.

The most effective way of doing this is to make sure that you keep the content strictly relevant to your product, also bear in mind that color schemes and font styles are important too. Also to keep in mind is that your content should focus more on graphic elements rather than long paragraphs that seem to drone on about some boring technical details.

Once you've confirmed all the aspects of your print designs all that remains is for you to visit a good printing vendor to get hard copies of your flyers and banners.

New Jersey based Next Day Flyers is an excellent vendor that provide all kinds of printing facilities like flyers, banners, and you can even buy postcards and if you’re unsure as to your Print Designs then this vendor will also help you out in optimizing your design too.

They offer great quality prints and you can often get your flyers delivered the same day as you place the order.

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