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Significant Predictions About The Ever Changing And Growing SEO

The SEO industry seems to be changing and growing constantly and  you need to be abreast with such changes.

You must know about the current SEO trends and in addition to that what these current trends imply about the direction of search. Such knowledge will help you to know how you should prepare yourself for the future.

The best way to prepare you for the future is to know about the predictions of the experts. They say that search engine optimization is no longer seen as the internet “black magic.” It is now become the most significant and vital part of any digital marketing strategy irrespective of the type of business it is. This can provide better results in web traffic and conversions which is the most significant aspect to be found in the internet search engines more easily.

According to survey reports of last year, it was estimated that different businesses have invested more than $65 billion on SEO services. It is also believed that by the end of this year it will climb to over $70 billion if not more and earlier to that. SEO has ideally come a long way as an industry and by the looks of it as well as the upcoming trends it can be said that the best days are still yet to come.

However, the hardest thing in the world is to predict what will come next and the SEO industry is no exception. Still, considering the survey reports and analysis it can be said that the major search engines like Google and Bing continue to update and hone their algorithms as well as SERP displays.

This means, you should not wait around to react but should be more proactive instead and look at past trends so that you get enough help and guidance to move to the future. This will ensure that you get the desired result in Ready Set SEO service and create a better and long lasting online presence.

The predictions to consider

The most common and notable predictions in this regards are the role of UX, AMP and AI in SEO.


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1. Role of UX

UX (User Experience) will play a significantly large role as compared to the past when SEO was seen just as a job for the IT professional. In the past, SEO was thought to be more technical than anything creative.

  • Now, even though SEO has many different technical elements in it, there is a notable art form at its core. That means the SEO professionals of today does not only need to have a strong technical understanding but also needs to be creative in their approach. This will help them to optimize websites as well as the different types of contents in it for the search engines.
  • SEO professionals also need to know how people interact with your website and how long they stay with it.

For the other part, they will need to know how to apply such information practically.

Since Google is more obsessed with the user it is paramount that you should be too. Moreover, search results seem to be more and more customized which is why you will need to know and use UX or user experience.

  • This UX will play a larger role in the search so that you do not lose out just because your content is not engaging the users irrespective of it carrying some of the most useful information.
  • The UX will also better the position of your site now and will also help you to know your users inside and out. You will then be able to create contents that will not only be helpful for the users but will also be very engaging at the same time.

You can use the free analytics tools to track your users and learn how they are doing in terms of quality and accuracy.

2. The AMP Factor

Next, the AMP will also play a huge role in the search engine ranking factor. The business world now is more complex and is still divided no matter how united it may look using a common platform to make their business transactions and promotions.

Conventionally, Google use to operate from a single index of documents while pulling search queries. In the modern context, it is developing different two distinct indices for providing better search results. One the index is for the mobile and the other one is for the desktop.

However, the mobile index has become the primary one among the two. This is because, the modern business world has increasingly moved into a mobile-first world. You will see everyone using a mobile phone to search for a product or service on the internet, interact with friends and make a purchase.

Since mobile has become the dominant device it is unwise to think that Google will wait around. This is because they know that users do not look for things that look incredibly nice on a mobile device but they want high loading speed, good and legible contents, and lots of information at their fingertip.

This is one of the most significant reasons that Google insists on Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP project. This AMP is not a ranking signal but has significant impact on your search results as well as the performance of your website.

3. AI will Rule Search

Last and most significantly, AI (Artificial Intelligence) will not only run but will rule the search. AI has the power to learn the patterns as well as understand the contents. This means the results now will be more accurate and long lasting.

The other benefit of AI is that it will remove the old concepts of SEO which in turn will be a boon for the SEO industry on the whole. Searches will run at 100% as contents will be both informative and more engaging setting things right much like the on-page SEO.

Apart from that, searches will be more on an individual level making things more personal than ever. That means it will force one and all in the marketing field to think in a whole new way.

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