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"Without high quality and optimised content, you cannot even think of branding. "

How To Run Branding And SEO Parallelly To Achieve Success?

When you want your brand to succeed and also want to get the SEO for the brand done at its best, you need not just the best SEO team for this, but also the best guide for this. There are proven successful strategies which you can use for branding with SEO. Branding can be done in various ways while assimilating active SEO strategies in it.

Here are some great ideas which you may tell your SEO team to use for better results faster.

The Use of robot.txt File

Just as you start with SEO, the first thing you would want is to get the site visible before Search Engines. This means you would want the site to get indexed faster. Indexing means the whole site will be indexed, and every page on it. However, you may have some specifications here. You may not need all pages of the site to get indexed. You may want a few pages to get visible against the target keywords while keeping some pages hidden or just not highlighted. Hence such instructions must go to the Search Engine engine crawlers for proper and specific functioning.

That is why the file called robot.txt must be used. Many people still do not know much the use of it. Some also ignore this vital step. However, if you are serious about branding and SEO at the same time, you cannot ignore this. Rather, use the robot.txt to specify the instructions to the crawler, telling the Search Engines which pages you need to get indexed and which not to index, is a fantastic way for a kick start.

Site Structure

Better indexing of a website depends on how well you specify the site structure before the Search Engine. If your site structure is well defined the pages get better indexed and faster. For this, a sitemap which contains the site structure is most important. A sitemap contains all the categories, subcategories, and internal pages and details about them.

A sitemap is the blueprint of the site, following which all the linked pages, pages under each category and menu can be understood. Hence you need to get the sitemap ready while doing SEO for the site. How the challenge lies with bigger sites with hundreds and thousands of pages. Shopping sites which constantly gets pages added are a concern. That is why there are some automated services too, which you may use to get the sitemap added to the robot.txt file. If the local SEO Melbourne service you are using is doing a great job, they will look about a good sitemap building right from scratch. When the sitemap is ready, you will have to update the robot.txt with it, and next update the file in all Search Engines including Google.

Change Plug-in Technology

Older plug-in technologies do not work anymore. Silverlight and Flash plug-ins are old technology, and sites supported by them will have a problem getting visible in searches. The modern searches in search engines do not index content backed by the older plug-ins. That is why you need to update things. This can be done by replacing the old technology with HTML5 or JavaScript. This again can take much time if it’s an old site with much content.

Crawlability Sorted

When your plug-in technology is okay, and the robots.txt is updated with the best-updated instructions and the most updated sitemap, then you are all set for the ideal crawlability. Any Search Engine would crawl the site the right way as you desire. Hence branding for the site would become a smoother job.

Optimized Content

This is one of the prime necessities when you are seriously looking to brand the site while doing SEO. Without high quality and optimized content, you cannot even think of branding. Hence the things to look for while getting the content developed are high quality sorted keywords and the best assets to get them ranked. For choosing the best keywords, you can use the keyword planner. Google Keyword Planner is a free service and yet helps find out the best keywords. And you can sort out the best from a list as per the ROI and keyword volume and then start using them. If you have the content created with loading the best keywords, then you are much close to success.

You can always try a reverse calculation to find out which keywords are working best and what factors are working best. Like on a website, if a certain page or few pages are getting the best traffic and conversation rates, then you can be sure they are made the best way an ideal way. Now you can evaluate the contents of those pages in every way, and see which keywords were used, where they were placed, how the on-page optimization was done and so on. This will reveal the factors which will help you plan similar success for the other under-performing pages of the site.

Link Building for Branding

Finally, after getting the above steps right, you can then concentrate on of-page SEO and link building. Link building is the ultimate step to branding, but it works great only when the steps before it were done the best. That is why perfection in every step before link building is a must. During the process look for the backlinks of your competitors. It’s the backlink watching that would tell you where you are, and where you should be in the competition. Accordingly, you can plan the link building and target the authority sites which your competitors did. This is the best you can do jump art into the competition and start branding.

Do you know the best practices for link building and the most ethical ways to do so approved by Google? If not then before making any grave mistake in the process of building links, do get educated so you know that you are doing link building the right way, or else you may get highly penalized by Google, which can have a negative effect on your entire site and brands image.

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