We should all be aware of how dramatic social media sites can impact our businesses. They can increase our traffic, sales, brand, and plenty other aspect if used correctly.

How to Make Your Facebook Business Page Stand OutGuest Post by Ness Garcia: Unfortunately, there is so much competition nowadays within social media sites that it is hard to make our businesses stand out. So to help you out, we are going to go over some tips that should be able to get your Facebook business page noticed much quicker.

Unique Name

While it might be a bit obvious, your name has a lot to do with it. If you can get a page with your company name, then that is probably the best bet. There are so many people out there though, so what happens when your business name is already taken? You should try to make an appealing page name that should indicate what your business is, but also be attractive to your target audiences.

Attractive Logo/ Profile Picture

One of the first thing people see when viewing a post or your profile is the picture. Whether you decide to put a logo or you have a face for your business page, you need to make it attractive. First impressions are everything in business, so don't give people the wrong impression by posting an irrelevant or bad image.

Provide All Necessary Information About Your Business

This is pretty basic but it is pretty astonishing how many businesses don't do it. In your profile, put all of the information your audience will need. Contact information, general description of what you offer, and anything else you decide they should know about. If you don't provide this information, it gives your business a bad image and people won't know how to contact you or even realize what you are offering.

Provide Quality Relevant Content to You Audience

A great way to get noticed is to provide quality information to your target audience. Since you are trying to attract people to buy stuff from your business, you should only be posting content that is relevant to what you are offering. The more people you attract this way, the higher conversation rates you will have. The last thing you want to do is to start posting all types of content on different subject because then you will attract a whole bunch of people that have no interest in what your business is actually providing. Once they review the content they are interested in, they will have no other reason to stay and interact with your company.

Communicate and Reach Out to Your Audience

A great way to get noticed is to actually communicate with the people around you. Responding to comments, messages, and posts will all give you a great image. There are so many business pages out there that never respond, making them seem less interested in what their customers or audience think. You don't want to have a bad image of only caring about money and not about your customers. Another great way to communicate with your audience is to have your own website where people can go to and gather more information about your business or the products that you offer. Communication also helps people feel personally connected with your business and they will be glad to come back.

Don't Spam Posts

Although it is good to keep a regular amount of new posts coming to your followers, you don't want to overdo it. It can get very annoying for people if every time they log in, they see your business saying something else. Limit it to only a couple times a day, but make those posts good. If you continue to over post, people will end up just not following you and they might even report you for spamming.

Don't Automate Your Actions

People know when a business page is being automated, so don't do it. Having auto messages being sent out, automated posts, and other automated things will keep people away. The more automation, the less appealing your page will be.

Automation is ok to use to a certain degree once your profile becomes extremely large. Then people will understand, but if you are still new, you should be doing everything manually.

There are so many other ways to get your Facebook business page to stand out, but these tips will get your profile noticed as soon as possible.

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