For most of the websites, the search engine ranks can play a major role in attracting visitors. To improve the optimization activities, the WordPress SEO plugins can be very useful.

Let us discuss some of the tools:

Squirrly: They don’t just place bits of code into your source code. They are the ONLY SEO Plugin that offers a real SEO Platform with:

  •  Keyword Research and Strategy Management
  • Real-time, as-you-type advice for creating a 100% optimized article.
  • Clear Guidance on the Ranking Factors you need to influence to reach page 1
  • Full Content Marketing Audi
  • SERP Checker
  • Plus, Excellent Customer Service.

Even on the FREE Plan.

Open Site Explorer This is a free tool which allows in checking the data for different domain names. You can easily observe who is getting connected with the domain and with what anchor texts. Besides, this plugin also helps in providing information about linking domains, top pages and all the pages which are linked to your site. Though the tool is free, there is a daily search limit for every user. There is also an advanced professional version which can be availed with a subscription and can be accessed with many other tools.

Broken Link Checker:  Broken links not only provides a negative impact to the users, it negatively affects the site also. Therefore broken links must be identified and removed in a frequent basis. The Broken Link Checker plugin helps you in finding the broken links from your WordPress site. The links can easily be fixed without editing your blog posts. It can be used without any cost but there is one disadvantage of using this tool. Your server may become slow as the resource can become intensive with this plugin.

SEOquake: This is a SEO tool which can act as add-on for browsers like Mozilla, Safari, Opera, and Google Chrome etc. Many SEO related information can be obtained with the help of this plugin. Some of the parameters are Alexa rank, age, page rank, last updated rank etc. If you are searching for ideal keywords, this tool can also be helpful with its search related information. The bulk email marketing services in Mumbai use this plugin and check the results in the CSV format and prepare their own excel sheets for their convenience. You can contact them for any marketing or promotion related queries.

Link Patrol:  Link Patrol is a premium plugin which helps in controlling the links of your website. You can easily track all the outbound links and identify the links which are providing more link juice. As it is less resource intensive in nature, it can quickly clean up the spammy links and the anchor texts in an efficient manner. Therefore, this fast user interface can resolve many link juice issues very promptly.

Keyword Tool:  This is a very useful keyword research tool which is available free. If a simple keyword is typed, it can generate many keyword ideas from that. The auto-suggest feature of Google helps in accumulating the suggestions. The suggestions generally come in a list where the top results are known to be the frequently searched terms. You can use this tool for optimizing the content of your WordPress Site. You can also avail keyword suggestions from Bing, Youtube, and App Store etc.

SEMRush The professionals can use this tool for gathering insights and analytics from competitors to improve the search engine ranks. You can learn about the sources of the backlinks and the insights from the advertising strategies of your competitors. Though it is a paid plugin, the tool is widely used by the SEO professionals throughout the world.

WordPress SEO by Yoast: This plugin helps you in adding the title, Meta description and the keywords for the posts and the pages of your site. For your main site, you can also add customized title, tag pages, archives etc.

Some premium plug-ins are distinctively beneficial than the free ones. As different WordPress plugins work in a different way, you are required to select the ideal one which suits the needs of your website from the various options.

About the Author: Sujain Thomas

Sujain is an experienced blogger who has written articles for several renowned blogs and websites about various uses of social media to engineer more business traffic on business websites.

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