The Science Behind SearchRemember days without Search Engines? How in the world did we find anything? Search Engines may not be something that we all think of all the time, but we may use the science behind search in everyday life without even knowing it.

Guest post by Boris Dzhingarov: We may not think about it everyday, but Search Engines have changed the quality of our lives. The algorithms are used in many applications.

Perhaps you are considering getting a library science degree. This is a great example of the multitude of ways in which libraries have changed in the digital age and are using the science behind search. So here’s how it works.

Search engines have become knowledge centers, and librarians are charged with understanding them. Start your education now – see our latest infographic for the details on the science behind search:

USC Library Science Degree


About the Author: Boris Dzhingarov

Boris is passionate about blogging. He writess for several sites online


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