How To Grow Your New On Demand Business Like Gojek In Just 3 Easy Ways

by | Jan 6, 2022 | Online Marketing

Powerful Gojek like app is a virtual platform that renders more than 70+ on-demand services online with ease.

Users now no longer have to download, install and register with hundred different apps that satiates just one demand at a time and ends up consuming their smartphone’ entire storage space!

Grow Your New On Demand Business Like Gojek In Just 3 Easy Ways

Because now they have one single app wherein, they have to login just once and they can have instant access to the plethora of life-enhancing services in one-go!

What All Services This App Like Gojek Offers?

Taxi rides, food and grocery delivery, transport and logistics, doorstep delivery of medicines, hiring a personal shopper who’d buy anything from the nearby stores and deliver it to you on time. But hang on, there’s more!

Now the app users can have instant online video consultations with a doctor of their choice right from the comforts of their home with the launch of the newest version of Gojek Clone – KINGX 2022! One can also order car wash services, hire beauticians on-demand or the app user can even send parcels to a single or multiple destinations – all through this super app. Handyman services of that of a carpenter, electrician, plumber, mechanic and even helpers form the biggest chunk of the services offered by Gojek Clone App.

Business Like Gojek Has Two Profit-centric Business Models!


1. Commission Per Order

The app owner earns a commission on every single service rendered or order placed through the app. The service providers are legally bound to pay a small portion of their earnings per order to the app owner as commission. And these commission rates differ with the genre of the service offered. It is the app owner who enjoys the sole authority to decide these rates.

2. Subscription Plans

Service providers are asked to choose any one of the subscription plans ranging from monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annually. They then buy this plan by making a one-time payment to the app owner. This business model is anti-commission implying the service provider no longer has to pay commissions per order/service. However, every subscription plans come with an expiry date. And if the service provider fails to renew the plan before the expiration date, then the service providers will no longer be able to accept service requests.

How To Get Gojek Clone App?

I’ll keep it simple for you!

Option No.1: Buy a Pre-Built App from a Reputed White-Labelling Firm
Option No.2: Code this Complex from scratch on your own

If you choose Option No.1, then not only you’ll be saving 8 years’ worth of time but also at least quarter of a million us dollars. Because these well-established white-labelling firms will help you go live with your very own custom app in record 7 days! Because that’s the time they need to rebrand their base app with your company’s name and logo.

Option No.2 is not practical at all. Because even with the entire team of it professionals with decades’ worth of field experience on board, you’ll need 3-4 years just creating a working model of the prototype! Then more time would be invested into transforming this prototype into a fully-functional and flawless app. And even if you have coded this app in 7 years, you can’t launch it right away! You have to first beta test it followed by rigorous market-testing! Retaining highly-skilled manpower with big-fat paychecks every month, infrastructural costs of renting out an office premise and even the subscription costs of all the software will wipe out your account balance at the bat of an eyelid!


Have you always aspired to be an entrepreneur? Do you want to make easy and quick money? Then the newest version of the Gojek clone app – KINGX 2022 is the rock-solid entrepreneurial idea you should invest in! Immediately get in touch with a well-respected white-labelling firm and launch your very own KINGX 2022 and go on to become to run the multi-billion us dollar entity that you always dreamt of!

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