What is a Browser Video

We have the fortunate opportunity to speak with good intelligent business people every day, in fact. we hired a business manager to handle everything for us. Why, because we knew what we good at, but more importantly what we are not good at.

Social Networking vs Social Media vs Social SPAM

Their are some industries that are extremely aggressive in the way they market and will try to sell you something as soon as you make them a friend or a follower. Facebook and twitter in particular is a hornets nest or marketers. Once you get on a list, you better un-friend them or turn those notifications off from with Facebook so you don’t get all those emails and notifications!

There are, however, other ways to use Facebook and Twitter, it doesn’t have to be all spam and it’s not only about “personal communication” with friends and family either.

Make a little Extra Cash with eHow!

You may have noticed that the SEO Alien is a member eHow.com. Evidently, by writing an article you can make a little cash from the click through traffic. That was not why this Alien joined though. We noticed that that articles when titled correctly will “pop” for good keyphrases on the search engines. We did it for Search Engine Optimization results, the little extra cash was a by product for something that we are doing already.

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