Here is How to Find Your Twitter RSS Feed and Your Twitter Favorites RSS Feed

Once again, there are major changes in the Twitter galaxy! Twitter isn’t making finding your Twitter RSS Feed easy. In fact, Twitter support makes finding your Twitter RSS Feed even more challenging than what it really is.

UPDATE: June 2013 On May 7th, 2013

On May 7th, 2013 the Twitter RSS Feeds and Twitter widgets stopped operating due to API changes that Twitter made.

  1. Here is the update to get access to your Twitter RSS Feed! Thanks to Chris Simpkins for this awesome Page!  PHP library that provides an incredibly easy way to access Twitter data formatted as JSON or an RSS feed –
  2. To continue displaying your Tweets on your Blog/website, you should use to the new “Create a User Widget” offered by Twitter. CLICK HERE to learn more.

…and with that being said… the rest of this article, with exception to the comments below, you may not find not very helpful.

First, before we provide you with the simple fix, let’s explain the problem. In the past, Twitter allowed you to “grab” your RSS Feed from your Twitter profile page, now the RSS Feed logo has been removed. So if you wanted to use your Twitter Feed for other pages such as your Blog, your out of luck, it can’t be found anymore.

Tweet Like a Pro!

Twitter says; Twitter recently stopped supporting basic authentication over RSS in favor of OAuth, an authentication method that lets you use applications without giving them your password. You can read more about the change here: Because of this change, we no longer directly support RSS feeds on Twitter.

  • If you would like to continue using RSS feeds from Twitter accounts, we recommend using a 3rd-party service.
  • Or, if you are comfortable with coding, use our developer resources to retrieve statuses.
  • The following link provides information about how to use OAuth to retrieve statuses:
  • Please note that you will first need to sign up for a Twitter application if you would like to use the method linked above. You can sign up for an app here:

Source – Twitter Help Center

So, after reading that, we may be a little lost and think you have to be a programmer to write your own program to use your Twitter RSS Feed, well here is the easy way. (For now until something changes again.)

The Solution to Locate Your Twitter Feed

Use this code below and replace xxxxx with your Twitter username to use your Twitter RSS Feed: (Where xxxxx is the username.)
That’s it, it’s really that simple.

How to Find Your Twitter Favorites RSS Feed

Your feed for only the favorites: (Where xxxxx is the username.)

Happy Twitter Feeding!

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