How to Post from Facebook to TwitterSo you want to add your Facebook Fan page feed to your Twitter account? Technically, Facebook has blocked that from happening, however, read on and we will share with you a work around.

This is something like what you will get when you try to access your Facebook feed:

We’re sorry, access has been blocked by the site owner via robots.txt.”

So it is obvious, for whatever reason (privacy issues or Facebook and Twitter are fighting), the bottom line is using any application that used to work, now doesn’t. So what do you do?

There are a few steps involved, but if you really want your Facebook Fan Page posts to post to Twitter, here are the steps.

1) Locate your Facebook Fan Page id

Locating your Facebook IDLocate your Facebook id by placing your mouse over your image on your Facebook Fan Page. When you do you will see your url in the bottom of your browser. The URL will look something like this: the “x;s’ will be your facebook id that you will need to remember, so write them down.

2) Create your Feed URL

Create the complete URL of your Facebook page feed by merging your id at the end of this code. (again, the “x;s’ will be your facebook id #)

Now you have created your feed URL.

3) Add your Facebook Feed to Twitterfeed

You can run that feed straight into twitterfeed or you can run it first into feedburner (which is what we recommend).

Then set your twitterfeed to post using Yes you will need to get an API Key for and you can do that from (if you already have one you can access your API username and key from

Now your Facebook Posts go to Twitter

At this time (and we all know things change fast), this is the only way we know of to post to from facebook to twitter.

If anyone else has found another work around, please share it with us!

Happy Feeding!

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