So, you created a link and now that link is no longer active or you simply want to delete or remove a link? How do you do that?

Short answer: You can’t.  However, depending on the reason you want to delete or change the URL you created, there are a couple creative solutions to redirect that link and hopefully solve the situation.

To prevent you from reading this entire article and discover this doesn’t apply, If the link you created did not come from a domain name that you own, you are only able to hide the Bitlink URL from your menu. The link, however, is live forever.

How to Hide Bitlink

So, why would you want to delete a link? Below are two examples.

Example 1

Delete a link that Goes to a Subdomain that is No Longer Active.

Several years ago, I created an SEO Alien members area. It was fun for a while, but it just became too much work, so I shut-er-down. The subdomain I created was So I deleted the subdomain and never thought about a couple of links I created that went to the member subdomain.

When I recently logged into, I saw 18 clicks coming from an old Bitlink I created a little over 7 years ago that went to “This Site Can’t Be Found”. Whether those clicks were real or robots, it didn’t matter, I had to redirect the traffic from that link. Why waste the potential traffic if those were real clicks?

Old Bitly Link

Well, without any way to delete that Bitlink, I had to find a solution to redirect any traffic from that Bitlink to the homepage and here was my solution. member redirectStep One: Log into your hosting account and recreate the subdomain.

Step Two: Go to redirects and create a redirect that will send any traffic from the original link to any domain. In the example on the right, with the I redirected all the traffic from the subdomain.

Example 2

Delete a link that Goes to a Website Post or Page that is No Longer Active

Using this same technique, if you have any page or post that you created a link for is no longer active (or you do not want any more traffic going to it), then do the same thing, only redirect the one URL you used for to redirect wherever you want.

Redirect bitly URL


If there is another way to do it, then let me know, but that seems to be the fastest, best solution that I could come up with. Hope that helps delete or remove a link!

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