Are you a social media marketer or any online business looking for free images for commercial use for your website or social media? We just found the motherload of copyright free images!

Copyright Free Images for Commercial UseMost online marketers that use images on their websites and/or social media are familiar with the penalties that can go along with using/sharing images that are not copyright free. If you are not using copyright free images, then let this be your notice.

If you think that it can’t happen to you, below is an image of a settlement I negotiated for a client of mine that found this out the hard way. I was able to negotiate a deal for him and the penalty cut from $125 to $75, but it could have been much worse.

Images Settlement Agreement

There are companies and copyright attorney’s that hire people to do nothing more than to search the internet looking for possible image infringements. If you are not using copyright free images that are released under Creative Commons CC0, or the owner of those images clearly states that you can use/share/edit those image with no attribution required, then your letter may already be in the mail.

Don’t risk a lawsuit case from using images that are not copyright free images when it is so simple to avoid. When I first started in 2009, I was buying most of my images from sites like Shutterstock & iStock, but that can get extremely expensive when you are posting once a week for 40 clients, so I had to find another solution.

For many years now, I was using photos from for practically all my article images and featured images that are shared on Social Media sites. But I wanted variety, using images from the same site get’s old… (and so can the images).

Despite always searching for sites that provided similar quality copyright free images , I could not find the style of images that pixabay provided… until the other day.

That was when Stuart Miles from sent me an email. I copied and pasted it below.


I notice that you use seo and marketing images for your blog articles and think you might like the free images at

All free for commercial use for your website or social media! If you find them useful you might like to let your readers know.

Best Regards Stuart Miles

Thank you, Stuart, for your free images for commercial use for your website or social media!Tthese images are exactly what I was looking for!

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