If you are wanting grow your Twitter followers then take advantage of this awesome Twitter tool by Heroic Social! It offers so much more than your average social media management application!

Growing targeted Twitter followers for you business or niche, or whatever you are marketing online has never been easier with a relatively new system developed by Heroic Social.

Like anything else we share with you on the SEO-Alien, this product has been tried and tested and the results have been nothing but stellar! After using Heroic Social for a little over 3 months, on my personal Twitter account I have grown by over 10,000 followers and have gained over 3,000 followers on the SEO-Alien Twitter account.

The best part about it is these followers are only people I want to follow and/or the type of people I want following me based on their interests, language and/or geographical location! Let me explain some of the coolest features and how easy it is to use and grow your Twitter followers!

Follow Twitter User by LanguageFollow only Twitter Followers that speak English or what ever language you prefer!

By targeting the language of Twitter followers you are going grow followers that understand what you are talking about!

As you grow your Twitter followers, follow back and follow new Twitter users, you can choose the language you prefer to have as followers and who you are following.

Follow Twitter Users by LocationGrow your Twitter Followers by Location!

How good is this!? Now you can easily follow Twitter users in the locations that matter! For example, one of our clients only market to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, so what good is it for them to have followers that are in the Seattle area?

Though we do follow people in Seattle, we can narrow our followers down that we follow by the location we want to market in!

So, for this account we wanted to target people in the Dallas area and the proof is in the Twitter analytics that it works!

Grow Your Twitter Follower by Users Interests

Another great way to target your Twitter followers is by their interests. If you had a travel website, wouldn’t it be nice to target people who like to travel or take vacations? Of course it would! Now you can follow people who use these types of keywords in their tweets, like “Vacation” or “Travel” or whatever you think would work best for you.

The Proof is in the Results!

Like anything else we promote here, we want to show you the proof that what we are using works. This screen shot below is from my personal Twitter account, and as you can see, using this system for over the last 30 days I am averaging 111 new followers per day, that’s 3,334 new followers in 30 days!

Using this system for a little over 3 months, you can see now how I have grown my Twitter followers by over 10,000 during this time. It isn’t only the number of followers, but the quality of followers as well!

Twitter FiltersFollow Twitter Users by Activity and More!

When you grow you twitter followers, you can improve the chances of people who will follow you back based on their own activity, follow ratio, time since last tweet and many more filters.

You can sort the people you want to follow or follow back by their follow ratio, you can hide eggs, sort by their ratio of followers vs. how many they follow, you can follow only verified accounts and so many other factors that help grow you twitter followers with active Twitter users. 


Loaded with features you are going to love!


Check it out for yourself!

Above I provided 4 reasons why Heroic Social is an awesome tool that you can use to grow your Twitter Followers, but there are so many more reasons that you should see for yourself!

Be the social media hero you know you can be!

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