Pop-up poll on Pop-UpsPop-ups, just hearing those two words together makes most of us cringe, those annoying little pop-up ads that… unfortunately, work.

A few days ago we started a poll on pop-ups. Actually, it was a pop-up on pop-ups… (even better).

Thank you to everyone who participated and here are the results!

Question #1) Pop-up opinion as a website visitor. The first question was asking how you felt about pop-up ads as a website visitor.

How do you react when you’re a visitor to a website with a pop-up?

Pop ups as visitor Poll Results

Question #2) Pop-up opinion as a website owner. The second question we turned around a bit. This time we asked your opinion about pop-up ads as a website owner.

How do you view pop-ups as an owner of a website?

Website Owner with a Pop Up Ad

So, what do you think? Seems people’s opinion about pop-up ads is pretty consistent.. we hate them, but unfortunately they work, and because of that many website owners continue to use pop-ups on their websites.

Overall, 77% of people really don’t like pop-ups, but close to 40% of website owners would use a pop-up on their website.

What this should tell you is this: If you are going to use a pop-up, use a little pop-up etiquette and you may find that not as many people will be offended by it.

Didn’t post your opinion on pop-up ads yet? Take the poll below and share how you feel about pop-up ads!

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