The SEO-Alien has a Package for
Every Online Marketer!

SEO Alien Galaxy Package Create Your Online Empire! A la Carte Packages


The SEO Alien can help you Build it, Maintain it, Grow it and Automate it!!

The SEO Alien will get you the results you need! With any of these products and services below, they are designed to help get your Social Media, Blogs, Websites and Articles to the Top of the Search Engines! Get your website/blog/product/business universal attention!

Where Would You Like to Start?

Create Your Own Blog! Build your own blog with one of the best blog creator sites ever that was built for Internet Marketers!

  • Ultimate Custom Websites and Super Sales Pages!
  • Instant sales pages in WordPress!
  • Over 300 theme options!
  • ..and much more!

Build Your Own Blog!
The SEO Alien Galaxy Package! We create it all for you! This is a package for a serious online marketer. We build your entire online presence from the ground up and it never stops growing!. Included is our article writing and submission package and includes a continued growth of your Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

SEO Alien Guide to the Galaxy
Social Media Audit! A social media audit will help you determine where you are, what you have been doing, what you have been doing right and what could use some – or a lot of – improvement. We begin with the end in mind and create, together with you, a roadmap to which you can refer when you feel you’ve lost sight of your goal. By creating a roadmap we make it easy for you to stay on track with your Social Media and help you avoid taking detours that wastes time and money for your business.

SEO Alien Social Media Audit
Social Media Management Packages! The SEO-Alien has been doing Social Media Management since Social Media began and we are keeping up with all the advances in Social Media Marketing by updating and upgrading our Social Media Marketing packages for 2012! NEW: Complete Social Media Management!Powerful “We Do It All For You” Packages!

Social Media Management Packages
Real Estate Special! This is the SEO Alien’s original Social Media and Search Engine Optimization Program for Real Estate Professionals! This package is a specially designed Galaxy Package matrix that was solely put together for Real Estate Professionals. Websites for real estate, blogs for real estate, Social Media for real estate, articles for real estate, RSS Feeds for real estate, Twitter for real estate, Facebook for real estate,… let’s just say their is no other package like this for Real Estate Professionals!

SEO Alien Guide to the Galaxy
Professional Article Service! Have the SEO Alien article writers write for your business! This is our same team of writers that write for our Galaxy Package. We will have them write unique, informative articles for your product or business that you can use on your Blog, article sites or wherever you want to post them online. This package is great for people that need well written articles that are unique to your product or service. No more excuses! We will provide you with all the specialty articles you need!

SEO Alien Guide to the Galaxy

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