Let’s Make and Market a Squeeze Page! Squeeze pages, also known as Capture Pages are a great way to start building a list or even sell a product.

Even if you do not have a product you sell, there is plenty of product that you can market and start earning money from, but the first step is knowing how to properly create and market a Squeeze Page. You can start earning money on your Squeeze Page in 4 easy steps.

How to Market a Squeeze PageStep One: Knowing how to correctly install/create a quality squeeze page.
Step Two: Knowing how to get your Squeeze Page on the top of Google.
Step Three: Knowing how you market a squeeze page.
Step Four: Create an affiliate program so other people can market your Squeeze Page!

Doing the above four steps is how you are going to create a great opportunity to earn money online!

What to Promote on Your Squeeze Page?

You don’t even have to have your own product. You can market a squeeze by either promoting a ‘already done for you product’ or, if you have your own product to sell, a good squeeze page is an extremely good way to market, promote and sell virtually anything online!

What Do You Need to Create A Quality Squeeze Page?

What you need to get started creating an effective sales strategy to make and promote a Squeeze Page is relatively inexpensive. In most cases you will already have what you need, but here is the checklist.

  1. A Domain Name and Hosting – You will add your squeeze page to an existing domain name. If you have or do not already have a domain name and do not have hosting, I highly recommend Bluehost. (You even get a free domain name when you first start with them!)
  2. A PayPal Account – If you are only using a Squeeze Page to collect emails, then you would not need one. But if you want to earn money online, this is the best way to get started.
  3. A JVZoo Account – Again, if collecting emails with your Squeeze Page is all your after, then this would not be necessary either. However, having this account will give you access to thousands of other online marketers products that you can promote and earn money from. You can even add your product and share with other online marketers and have them promote your product for a share of the sale. It’s so simple!
  4. A Zip Tool – I recommend WINRAR
  5. Quality, high converting Squeeze Pages. I am offering 4 of our highest converting squeeze pages, your own PLR (private label rights) product that you can earn 100% commission on, access to hundreds of other products that you can also sell as your own! Check it out from “Create Squeeze Pages that Earn Cash!

How to Make and Market a Squeeze Page

Creating Squeeze Pages that Make Money


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