If you are looking for a powerful way to create some extra “Google Juice” for your blogs,websites, videos, articles, etc, you need to be using feeds.

First, understand what you are going to use your feed for. For Search Engine Optimization you can submit your feed to “feed aggregators” that can give you an amazing amount of search engine visibility for your targeted key phrases, but almost more importantly many will give you a followable backlink as well.

Almost every bookmarking site will give you a feed of your bookmarks that you can use. Every time your create a WordPress page it automatically creates a RSS feed for you. Twitter will give you a feed of all your tweets. Simply look for the feed logo, click it and the copy that URL, that is your feed.

Take that feed and submit it to feedagg.com (create an account with them first) You can Google “feed aggregators” and find tons of them, but look for the ones with high page ranks and give you followable backlinks.

EXAMPLE: When you use blog like WordPress, you can submit an article or post into your blog and have it go “out on a feed” that can into feed aggregators or other blogs that you have created. Then you can book mark that article to your favorite social bookmarking site using a different “Title and Description”. Use the feed it creates and spread that feed around, and so on and so on.

When you get good at it you can create several “strings” of feeds and you will notice many more clicks from the search engines.

When creating a bookmarking site to create a feed,

  1. Use a keyphrase sensitive USERNAME when creating your account.
  2. When Bookmarking your article, use ONE keyphrase “tag” that is very search engine sensitive.

Why? Because your USERNAME and the “tag” is what will be in your URL for that feed. The more optimized your make it from the start, the stronger that feed will become to the search engines.

Here is a sample of an article feeds that we created for “search engine optimization tips” in a delicious.com feed :  http://feeds.delicious.com/seoalien/search_engine_optimization_tips notice it has our name and the subject are both in the feed title. Not only is it good for your feeds, but a when anyone searches for those key words with underscores, your found. Click this link to see the result: http://feeds.delicious.com/seoalien/search_engine_optimization_tips

And the feed for that would be http://feeds.delicious.com/v2/rss/seoalien/search_engine_optimization_tips?count=15 Yes, you can change the count if you wish and you can locate the link for that feed near the bottom left of the page.

Tag your feeds for a particular subject and now you can create multiple feeds for multiple purposes!

Using proper Keywords, Keyword phrases and tags not only help you dominate the search engines, but it will also help you create a good nest of feeds that are easy to keep track of and are also search engine sensitive.

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