Receive Important Information and NotificationsIn today’s age, there are a variety of ways to receive information. We get texts, emails, phone messages and several other means we can get notified about the things we are interested in.

Wasn’t long ago that the only way we received news and information was through TV sets, Radio and/or Newspaper. Now with Social Media, Apps, Text Messaging and a variety of other sources, the way we get our information is changing.

How Do you Get the News You Are Interested In?

The fact is, in 2012 out of 2.4 billion Internet users, 1.4 billion were on social Media in one way or another. In a recent poll, nearly 50% of those 1.4 billion internet users said the regularly or occasionally heard about a breaking story on a social media site before it broke on traditional airwaves.

This infographic below shares the history of the implementation of press techniques in concert with the rise of social media.

Ways we get information

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